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Kali Bahlu:: hi...some of my friends remember me is my fun inccarnateon ie. embodinemt as Kali Bahlu and my musical album of /cosmic remembrane:: kali takes the children on a forest theme aeternal::come play with me! whether iam playing a tv role like emma peel nancy drew or the charmed ones, i do my best to make it fun for me fun for all...i do puns! that my album (above is) sim to the wonderfu earlyne by the same title is somehow a reminder that greatones tend to rhyme...alot! prepastory to this page web i reviewed some of my webviews re kali b... and found that i am somewhat regarded as a fun playful psychedelic...with a highpitched voice...well there is wry virtue in that! i do treasure my girlish voice..alot! website is one station which retains copies of my explore and do:: come play with me!

from    TurnerClassics    The    River

this classic film of India...references to Kali...the Hindu Goddeess of Doing....which is why Kali is d'picted with multiplearms... Kali tho' considered by some westrners as a Dark "avenging" Goddess is a Goddess of Pleasure... a"come play with me" playful goddess...of Happiness... India Diania the forms of dianakali... themothergoddess::the playful mother:: ><> the next turn the pagae four kali emma dianna links to other pages Mother Kali b's been busy this southern evening loves,and thanks to my frendss Cmptssa &dra, flowergurl and lil_laura_kitten has some newscrypts and links for myour kali incl. the '94 sleeper cult classic Hollyood Hotel:: hi asan example :: i walk into a like mrrros reflecting... "hi" i smile, noticing the beautiful teeth the cent of fruit & cigarettes... like a drink, my frined..; got coffee but the beer is near... yes...a smoke and drink... nice breasts... nice lips such deep eyes... yes gurl we are mirrors...mylove... new/goldenviews...expres yourseilves...only ^ "official" members...yet...exclusiv..come look! come play with stawbery&silverprincess*** *** * [:)][z][%)] and <><> ><>kali bahlu's Hollywood Hotels movie

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