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Here I'll introduce the photos on this page. The page includes six photos right now, but I can add more if I like.

A black dog; Size=130 pixels wide

Gondolas in Venice; Size=130 pixels wide

Mistress of the Gothic...
Dark rice fleet and barbie...***EEP*

Business Electra Entrepreneurships..

A villa in Italy; Size=130 pixels wide

A black dog; Size=130 pixels wide

Mistreess of the Roses...
Nuetra Senorita Gothic MariaRose...

Gondolas in Venice; Size=130 pixels wide

A villa in Italy; Actual size=130 pixels wide

les Artista Buffy Sainte Marie...mysteriosa majickal bella... canciones de amour y vampirosas... darkrose...  lots of Special Buffy...we do like Buffy  n'est pas? pass de nest!~

Moonsong and Moonstar
les deiux de las duchess... WhiteBuffaloKat023

Bufft's Ghome Coming...
fun to arrive...

Artist Lyrics: Sainte Marie Buffy from FIRE&FLEET&CANDLELIGHT
Song Lyrics: Lyke Wake Dirge
Album Lyrics:
[Buy " " CD]
This ae night, this ae night
Every night and a'
Fire and sleet and candle lighte,
And Christ receive thy saule
When from hence away art past
Every ...
To whinny moor thou com'st at last
And ...
If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon
Sit thee down and put them on.
If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gav'st nane
The whinnies shall prick thee to the bare bane.
From whinny moor when thou may'st pass
To Brig o' Dread thou com'st at last.
If ever thou gavest meat or drink
The fire shall never make thee shrink.
If meat or drink thou ne'er gav'st nane
The fire will burn thee to the bare bane.
This ae night, this ae nighte
Fire and sleet and candle lighte.

ande thee legeende de Buffy saint-marie* continues...

Buffy Sainte-Marie was a graduating college senior in 1962 and hit the ground running in the early the Sixties, after the beatniks and before the hippies. All alone she toured North America's colleges, reservations and concert halls, meeting both huge acclaim and huge misperception from audiences and record companies who expected Pocahontas in fringes, and instead were both entertained and educated with their initial dose of Native American reality in the first person.

By age 24, Buffy Sainte-Marie had appeared all over Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia, receiving honors, medals and awards which continue to this day. Her song "Until It's Time for You to Go" was recorded by Elvis and Barbra and Cher, and her "Universal Soldier" became the anthem of the peace movement.  For her very first album she was voted Billboard's Best New Artist.

She disappeared suddenly from the mainstream American airwaves during the Lyndon Johnson years. As part of a blacklist which affected Eartha Kitt, Taj Mahal and a host of other outspoken performers, her name was included on White House stationery as among those whose music "deserved to be suppressed". In Indian country and abroad, however, her fame only grew. She continued to appear at countless grassroots concerts, AIM events and other activist benefits. She made 17 albums of her music, three of her own television specials, spent five years on Sesame Street, scored movies, helped to found Canada's 'Music of Aboriginal Canada' JUNO category, raised a son, earned a Ph.D. in Fine Arts, taught Digital Music as adjunct professor at several colleges, and won an Academy Award Oscar for the song "Up Where We Belong".

Buffy Sainte-Marie virtually invented the role of Native American international activist pop star. Her concern for protecting indigenous intellectual property, and her distaste for the exploitation of Native American artists and performers has kept her in the forefront of activism in the arts for forty years. Presently she operates the Nihewan Foundation for Native American Education whose Cradleboard Teaching Project serves children and teachers in eighteen states.

Deeper background about Buffy Sainte-Marie

Born on a Cree reservation in Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Buffy Sainte-Marie was adopted and raised in Maine and Massachusetts. She received a Ph.D. in Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts. She also holds degrees in both Oriental Philosophy and teaching, influences which form the backbone of her music, visual art and social activism.

As a college student in the early 1960s, Buffy Sainte-Marie became known as a writer of protest songs and love songs. Many of these became huge hits and classics of the era, performed by hundreds of other artists including Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins, Janis Joplin, Roberta Flack, Neil Diamond, Tracy Chapman and The Boston Pops Orchestra.

Buffy '96

Buffy had a unique career outside the States, working in Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. She wrote songs and essays, established a scholarship foundation to fund Native American study, spent time with indigenous people in far away countries, received a medal from Queen Elizabeth II and presented a colloquium to Europe's philosophers.

In 1976 she quit recording to be a mommy and an artist, and to continue as a student of experimental music. Buffy and her childe Dakota Starblanket Wolfchild became well known for their five-year stint on Sesame Street, where they taught us that "Indians still exist." As a composer, she won an Academy Award in 1982 for the song Up Where We Belong as recorded by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes for the film An Officer and A Gentleman.

With Dakota grown up, Buffy re-entered the music scene in 1993 with her comeback album Coincidence and Likely Stories (EMI). That year, she also helped establish a new Juno Awards category for music of aboriginal Canada. Her recognition as a major Canadian artist that summer was accented by a performance with the National Arts Center Orchestra at the Musem of Civilization in Ottawa. The next day's newspaper headlines described Buffy's concert as "superb, powerful, and moving, drawing a roaring and deserved standing ovation". That same year, France named Buffy Sainte-Marie 'Best International Artist of 1993' and the United Nations chose her to proclaim the International Year of Indigenous People. In July, she headlined a group of indigenous concert artists out on the arctic tundra of Lapland, with the national television stations of Norway, Sweden, Germany and Finland smiling on. She also starred with Pierce Brosnan in the American television film The Broken Chain.

Buffy continues to draw huge crowds on the concert circuit - she played to 210,000 people in Denmark and a million people in Washington DC for the Smithsonian's 150th birthday- but she never forgets her own people and performs regularly on the smallest of reservations across North America. Her art and music are also teaching tools, and she uses these continually to enlighten.

An educator before she was ever known as a singer, Buffy lectures at colleges and civic venues on a wide variety of topics: film scoring, electronic music, songwriting, Native American studies, the Cradleboard Teaching Project, women's issues, the Native genius for government, and remaining positive amidst tough human realities. She serves as Adjunct Professor in Canada at York University in Toronto and Saskatchewan Indian Federated College in Regina, and in the U.S. was an Evans Chair Scholar at the Evergreen State College in Washington State. She has also taught at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

An early Macintosh pioneer in digital art and music, Buffy Sainte-Marie's works were among the first to be seen in museums and galleries across North America: the Glenbow Museum (Calgary), the Emily Carr Gallery (Vancouver), the Mackenzie Gallery (Regina), the Institute for American Indian Art Museum (Santa Fe), The Isaacs Gallery (Toronto), Ramscale Gallery (New York), and the G.O.C.A.I.A. Gallery, (Tucson). The images are created as very limited edition Ilfordchrome photographic prints, ranging in size from two feet to nine feet high. The pieces are then framed and exhibited in galleries, both physical and virtual. For more information, contact She likens electronic painting to "painting with light". Working on her Macintosh at home, using mainly Photoshop software, she combines colours and light, sometimes with scanned-in realities (photos, fabrics, feathers and beads to create huge, brilliantly coloured paintings which she describes as being "both reflective and deep, like new car paint". Her works have graced the covers of Art Focus and Talking Stick magazines and been featured in MS. Magazine, Yahoo, USA Today.

Visit Buffy Sainte-Marie's Official On-Line Art Gallery

As digital media caught on, Buffy assisted many other artists in understanding computers as an additional tool for real art. She was keynote speaker at the Interactive '96 conference (in Toronto), where tangible versions of her artwork were exhibited amidst great media attention. Singing a concert with the Regina Symphony with her magnificent huge digital paintings exhibited in the foyer of the concert hall, her continuing theme Cyberskins: Live and Interactive crosses media boundaries but always emphasizes how Indians are alive and thriving even within the digital revolution.

In February 1996, Buffy released her latest album Up Where We Belong (EMI), a collection of new songs with new recordings of her best songs. She was recently awarded the Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement by the First Americans in the Arts (US), who also paid homage to Buffy and her legendary career by naming the award after her.

Since 1996 she has limited her concert appearances to about twenty a year, speaking engagements to about the same number, and focused her time mostly on the Cradleboard Teaching Project, using her multimedia skills to create accurate, enriching core curriculum based in Native American cultural perspectives. The interactive multimedia CD-ROM SCIENCE: Through Native American Eyes features Buffy on camera as well as producer and director. Visit to learn more.

Buffy Sainte-Marie's work is a reflection of her own life - extremely varied and unique - and her special skill is in joining seemingly unrelated ideas: A pacifist and a general. Indians and computers. Electronic art and Native realities.

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Entire Contents ©2003 Buffy Sainte-Marie

Siouxsie & the Banshees


by Unknown Sioux Indian ... .. ... . ...


You clamber up
And look behind
Their watchful eyes
The helping hands
A hen that's fierce
And painted blue
With red eyes
Wants to swallow you
A dragon dives and soars on tracks
The hands that strap you to its back
You turn around and look behind
Their smiling eyes
Won't help you down
Their tiny hands
Their tiny feet
Such little hearts
To miss a beat
Grotesque dwarves in mirrored rooms
Pulled and taut a thousand yous
Staring back through stinging tears
Remembering those funhouse thrills
The paintbox tunes and wild balloons
Their watchful eyes, you start to swoon
Oh painted vile in lurid hue
The snarling horse that waits for you
Its motor whirrs and colours curl
Inside your head the monsters whirl
Its motor whirrs and colours curl
Inside your head the monsters whirl
In sucked out
Time stood still
Roundabout back
Time stood still
And you remember it well


Oum le BuffySainte-Marie

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Gematria 5
English Word Values #622-#820
by Abba Yesai Nasrai ©

622 IMMOBILITY [2x311p]
[22° Gemini]
AHMANITE I (Word Theme): Blessings, gifts, love, emotion, adoration. Hathor the Deity of Love. To credit, to give water, to water or emotionally nourish. The hearth as a symbol of family love and warmth.

 To refuse love and affection, refusals, rejections, to be unmoved, immobility.
AHMANITE II (Zodiacal): 22° Gemini - Aquarius SOLAR AND STELLAR BROTHERHOODS. Aten, stellar science, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Astoria. Coeducation, blessings, karma, Essene brotherhood, Christian, champion. Contraception, cheater, credit, inequality, immobility, refusal, wretch. Transfuse, correspond, permissible, bridgeable. Temperature, bacteria, congenital, hearth, sulfur, cancer, ceramic, crackle, opaque, raven. Bottom, direct, stairwell, framework, watery, bewilder, caravan.
AHMANITE III(# Multiples): Feminine grace, especially as offered to the elect by female members of SAI in Eucharist ceremonies.
Hebrew Words: BRKT blessings.
Egyptian Heiroglyphic: 622 HTHRU The Egyptian love Deity called Het-Heru or Hathor; HT-HRU House of Horus, Hathor. (Hiero: XIV:19)

623 FICTION  [7x89p]
[23° Gemini]
AHMANITE I (Word Theme): Benevolence, blessing, reinforcement, recurrence, manipulation, brightness.
 To scorn, reject, be difficult. A tragedy.
AHMANITE II (Zodiacal): 23° Gemini - Aquarius/Pisces GENTLE DRIZZLING BLESSEDNESS. Bacchus, polygyny, conjoin, waterbed, bright, brain, manipulate, variate, flitting, grin, gander, tragedy, carnage, danger, difficult, scorn, reject, omitting, ineffable. Drizzle, garden, green, benevolent, regime, rhyme, ring, folksong, fiction, saltwater.
AHMANITE III(# Multiples):  Speech on a grand scale manifesting as FICTION, FOLKSONG, REMINISCE, TRAGEDY or play.

624 VIBRATE [12x52,13x48,16x39,4x156,24x26]
[24° Gemini]

She'::  Dynasty 1-6,
3~9::  The 7th Shadow...of
shifting sands... like the hands of
clicking glasses, sounds
reminiscent...of dark wine...
brewed rech and deep for
    those who drink....
drifting in...wends thru Castle Deeps...
thru Our Lady VaMpira's Halls...,
the lost MUsic ...strands of Gold...
sounds of Elanor...our Aeternal Soul...
Food & drink, offerings brou't
  to feed and dine with Our Queen,
  by flavoured wine...
  or incensed purse...,
In Her Hall She sweeps and dreams~
   but purhaps Her Wheel She keeps in dream...
thou' She Herself Be...about Her own::
Ancestreial Family::
   Business and Pleisure
   circumstance...applied Console Control...
by Wisdom garnered by 'self and ...Butter`fly...
dark Garnet and Gnomes attend...
her Tomes volumienous CD & DVD-Rom...(forBEidden gnowledge)
helful figures of her ownlike arranging
an alice and Redqueen party in
   our Emerald Aus'...and....
   Tu2 Sydes
   Tu2 Vieus
of Ancient-Nieus:: Mirror
   reflecting Mieracles   by Magick's Hands::
yes Dreaming  is  an Ancient Art,
for the Pure and Sacred Damn`edLovers
of the Sacred Heart...
    ::ascribed in Hand by Drusilla &Sister Arnigma1314,
      4th Dynasty Duneal Agents Royale, ...Vegan Circles of
      Raven& Hawk......!?<>/

TruCalling's Eliza Druska...
AngelFaith of Buffy the Vampire Player...

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Blue laptop

Denise Austens daily fitness workout is fun!
Denise appears and


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Marve;lous GemaNousnameunal glossary...its WitchyStar!~

Willow & Buffy relaixairing
una dia en lastarde paraeiril las crew de Buffy

The Ellen Show live updates and Ellen's suggestionsfor fun and frofit....:-)

The Ellen our local sponsor...*smiles*

The Stepford Wives (Widescreen Edition) (2004)

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Anne Seagraves, Seagraves

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