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Kali   Bahlu's   Return   from   the   Ruby   Forest...

Kali is pleased to announce the return of Kali:: Kali Bahlu in order to clear her name "iam a funnn Goddess...among my other fun-ctions!"...and to mupdate the Kali Pages has returned to:: come play with me--*us* endorse the Denise fitness and yoga plan and to supervise her major proportions in webblinked webbings...*so mimm smile...and put a smiley face...*

My Snazzy List of Links FunKali BLinks*

Denise Austin Fitness: Desnises site offers fun programs for health & fun fitness...!
Rodale...aarh...: Denise's books and other fitness accessories..
Prevention: the site of this megazine specializes in good health & fitness features...
Wai Lana Yoga: Yoga asanas & instruction,beautiful scenery and tips
Diana Pyes Original Avengers...: the fun-kadelic fitness Duo at their best!

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