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Magick of the Charmed Ones....Stepford Presents::

Tumbling "Free"

One of the "lost pages" from late at night done in forein palaces...
Lovely Charmed Sisters site::para les ChairmedOnes:MagicalSisters
un'otra paiga deu Nancy Drew Y'et The Charmed Ones...
Piper Sisters Astologica notas
Kidz Tortuga CalendrePaige
FlowerGurls journa @ XLIIIcosas
Shoutouts to My Friends
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Beliefs and Opinions y Charmed Tipos! desde religiosa a bella beauty tips!
Charmed Movie and Book Reviews..stepford13014
My Writing or Artwork
CharmedSchool News Pagen Title Escuela deu Charms...

Srta. Chee'tah instructoress de baile, cantar y
las palabras de scripto-lenguas...Cheetah Girls Club

Websit<> <> para las e*MagicalSisters*e beautifull website para Charmed Fans...lots of good links l like the fotos buenas! *ep*

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Not only the P3 Halliwell Piper Sisters Club but in the Mothering stage the Magick School becomes an importante integrity of a "higher" learning institution...where Rose & the Girls sometimes teach or interact, keeping an Eye upon the kidz and helping develop the magickal talents in "appro00priate" ways and means...
Imagine a Magickal School where oneself and onesfriendz could be free to develop physical and spiritualPsychic gifts. Not only would the world of magick be safer it would really be a lot more gusta la camina de juegas...*smiles* para estudiar magicka en La Escuela de CharmedSchool***

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Colour quizz para perrsenality attitudes amigas juega de escuela lecole Cliek here auqui! para juega divertise ayender y estudiar ... :-)

Take the colourQuizz for a Profile evaluation of Purrzenality Traits for self workworld & familyfriendz attitudes&dra Values! its fun whether or not to agree with it for fun!

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Follow the Stars deu Estrella::*??<><>||* Reese *LB* Whitherspoon stars in est nueve movie: Just Like Heaven....

Pandora' Hope Chest...
La Cajeona Cajeta de Pandora's Deseas

the magica es la sea...
la chica Mermaid Ariel....

CeeKat02.... keepin' a good Caszual Watch...
here aqui la countryee aire is refreshed y limpia=klean & the SilverHazel Bluebanshee StrawberryPrincess Bolt teamFamilia presente las Estrellas de Charmed...Rose,Phoebe,Piper,Prue & hidden lore behind the Scenes, speciales fotos y info...