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Here's what I think...Loca que piensas o' que la crei' ::

este mes es la mes de Lunar Scorpion la Moon de "Challenge"

challenge hace' makes good Milk la leche de Moo-la-Vaca

Que es una buena Challenge deque haces? hacemos mas!

what is it that makes a Challenge good y fair? i have a Calendar @home en my cuartoca salon which gives a goal ev'ry dia-day such as Read a book, write a thank-you,gracias lettre, express by action-out-loud...muchas coasas que hacemos bien... for example make a list of thinks to make LIfe more comfortable::

eg salud::good health y exerciesijo'sas

cena::dinner with a friend::amiga

escribe'::write something fun to do en la journal::blog hace' una buena coasa para hacer e deseas!

Casa sde jucie fruite presents::TerryTortuga's Kidz Kalendral Fun Page...13moons as we planned to...

My Philosophy

In this column, I'll talk about some of my deepest beliefs. What do I think are the most important principles that someone should rule their life by? What are my religious beliefs? My political beliefs?

I might use this column to write about my beliefs about specific issues, such as:

Standardized Tests

I think standardized tests are unfair because they don't test you on what you know and they try to trick you. What grades you get in regular classes are more important than how you do on some stupid test that you take on one day that you might not be feeling good.

My Opinions on Current Events

In this column, I'll write some of my opinions on current events. I'll date my entries and update this page frequently, whenever I feel moved to write.

I can talk about politics, sports, technology, whatever is important to me -- because of course, more people should share *my* opinion. ;-)

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.

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