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beinvenidoes a todas de Miercoles...Christina...*EP*

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willow haar kracht.bmp Posted by MSN Nickname---charmed---one--- on 12/20/2002, 15KB

Byffy y Willow relaix in una dias tarde buena...
es una buena vez tiemplora...

Este site contains muchas picturas de Buffy Willow Tara bonuitas estaras....

mas picturas de TaraeWillow<><>{}}:-)=*

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a charming couple.bmp Posted by MSN Nickname---charmed---one--- on 12/20/2002, 53KB

Canciones para Tara e Willow::


Pluto Lyrics
Crazy Lyrics
Send Angels Lyrics
Cure Lyrics
Unforgivable Lyrics
Pennyless Lyrics
Concrete Lyrics

More Plumb -->


Willow Tree

It will be great to see you again
Now that the old wounds have mended
I promise I'll be waiting by the door
Unlike so many nights before
That night you found me in the living room
Alone with the bottle I'd just consumed
I cried for hours after you had left
Must be hard to forgive
Even harder to forget
So do you recall how to get here
You might not recognize what you see
Take the 2nd right at the 2nd light
Pass Cherry Street, go left
It's the 2nd house with the Willow tree (the witching tree*Nancy Drew &)
I'll be there, waiting

Now that I've watched all the seasons change
I've had time to see where my life had strayed
And through every pain and disbelief (paths y beliefs)
You stood close by
Through my lies, through my deciet
So do you recall how to get here
You might not recognize what you see
(Repeat chorus)
Through my selfishness
Couldn't see where you were coming from
It took your leaving to see
To see what I'd become
You saw past all the things I'd done
(Repeat chorus)
I'll be there, waiting
I'll be there, waiting
You never forgot how to get here
You never forgot how to get here
You never forgot how to get here

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 Title: Plumb - Willow Tree Lyrics


i remember the island
there's a tale to tell
spin of the water wheel
crack to the conger eel
a triangular canvas
in a see of green
translucent moor maiden vessal (softlyaware)
staring to the shore
roller coaster rides
a wish on the fairy bridge
when lightning almost struck
we kissed the *trick for luck
i remember the ferry ride
i remember the night she died
all scenes from a play we see
slipped out of the blue
into the black

i remember the island
but we can't go back
Tribute by The Creatures aka...also...tambien  The Banshees...


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the Daily buffy double-feature at fxTVland has been running the episodas que explicar la incidentals que describien comora willow emerged as the Dark Willow...the witchy dark Willow.. for those of us into the Lilitheian legends of Lilith Willow is sacred to Lilith...who exemplifies both the dark&light orbs of the Moon... y the Buffy Vampirosa books continue the legend of the dark Willow...en The Darkening by Yvonne Navarro of a Trilogy of the Wicked Willow series...en which a darkeyed Willow thinking her lover Tara has been "lliquidated" goes into a darkpower pursuit to "avenge" her lover and to purify the deeds which led up to selfsame::Events...thiese are not for the lighthearted but there is some dark humour which oozed thruout the story....and as allways:: viven ve amoures Tara e Willow...preciosas!*EPstrawberryprincessSHeLotusCups!****

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este' belle beautiful Mermaid Princess site is one of my Favourite Princess sites!!**

Audrey Rose...the actreiz site Hepburn...Charade...buena picturas y...

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the Jupiter~Mars to Earth conjunction...any one notice any UNusual or strange effects? extra erotic? spacey? visions of scenes from time-space?
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recently there was another one of thes timespacie venus mars Jupiterarian conjunctiesives and it felt pretty good,

notices some moon rigs some stars slowing acrost the sky in lucid configurations and some nice orbs just about the time Charmed came on and woke up early predawn

in time so see some more skyshow highlights....felt prety nice being in a n Enchanted Garden...of faeral pleasures....NIghtQueen...