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Heavyhearted by Rolando Cyril « Prev | Next » in Dark Art (1752 of 1758)
Date: 02/21/05 Size: 825x1100, 221kb Rating: 4.64 (7 votes) AotW: 02/21/05 Hardware: Mouse Software: click here
View Artwork Comments (9) Ratings (7) Post a Review
Artist's Comment
The sun is shining on this frozen city
Far from the giant buildings,
The little Olivia is walking,
dragging her heavy heart...

30 hours, photoshop 7
9 Comments | Post a Review
9 Newest Comments
Sabi Shaylan
5.00 Rating 02/24/05 - 05:14 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
What can i say?
Wonderful image! Beautiful idea.
Shabeeth Abu Baker
Bitmap Bumpkin
5.00 Rating 02/24/05 - 06:17 AM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
Man i really need to know how you did this...oh man This ROCKZ!
Pixel Pusher
5.00 Rating 02/24/05 - 05:05 AM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
This is a really good picture. I love it lol :)
Lieutenant TJ
Pixel Pusher
02/23/05 - 12:52 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
really amazing...
but.. what about enhace the background buldings and no these trees?
only it's a comment ;-D
Pixel Pusher
4.00 Rating 02/22/05 - 09:57 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
I like background and colors
« Yangi »
4.00 Rating 02/22/05 - 09:48 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
Really nice. I totally dig the background and the framing provided by the silhouette trees.
I'm sad to say though, that in contrast to the sublime detail in the rest of the picture, Olivia's "heavy heart" looks simply dull and blobbish ...
Bitmap Bumpkin
4.50 Rating 02/22/05 - 08:00 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
It's times like this that I am glad I use the Random Artist link when I come to this site... I love finding amazing little treasures like this. Lots of Nightmare Before Christmas influence in this picture, which is a big part of why I like it so much, and it's done SO well with your own style and techniques. Great job, can't wait to see the rest of your art here :)
Erik Burton
Pixel Pusher
5.00 Rating 02/21/05 - 07:54 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
Absolutely awesome!! I only wish it was in a background res. but i suppose i'll just darken the background color and make it work. Very impressive.
Pixel Pusher
02/21/05 - 07:01 PM (PST) [ Report Abuse ]
Quite amazing, and utterly breathtaking!

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Herbst/Frühjahr 2004/05
(für eine detailierte Beschreibung bitte auf das entsprechende Buchcover klicken!)

Anna Kingsford

Die mystische Kabbala, Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune
Die mystische Kabbala

Der Klassiker der esoterischen Literatur, in einer überarbeiteten und erweiterten Neuausgabe. Mit einer Einführung von Gareth Knight.

512 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 3-937392-00-9
29,80 EUR
Licht auf Dion Fortune, Gareth Knight Gareth Knight
Licht auf Dion Fortune

Band 1 der 6-teiligen Essay-Reihe. Hintergründe und tiefere Geheimnisse der Arbeit Dion Fortunes. Mit umfangreichem Stichwortregister.

120 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-01-7
17,80 EUR

Das Okkulte, Gareth Kinght Gareth Knight
Das Okkulte – eine Einführung

Was ist Okkultismus? Historische Hintergründe, okkultes Stichwortregister, praktische Anweisungen für die ersten Schritte. Mit vielen Abbildungen.

192 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-08-4
19,80 EUR

Licht auf Kabbala, Gareth Knight Gareth Knight
Licht auf Kabbala

Band 2 der 6-teiligen Essay-Reihe. Der einfache Einstieg in die Kabbala! Gehört zu den zugänglichsten Texten, die in den letzten 50 Jahren publiziert wurden. Mit großem Stichwortregister.

108 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-02-5
17,80 EUR

Die kosmische Doktrin, Dion Fortune Dion Fortune
Die kosmische Doktrin

Mitteilungen von den inneren Ebenen über die Erschaffung des Universums. Mit 26 Diagrammen.

320 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-07-6
21,80 EUR

Gringo, Satprem Satprem
Ein Märchen über die Evolution

Eine moderne Legende der Evolution, die Gringo auf den Weg des Abenteuers der Entdeckung der Erde und des Zukunftsmenschen führt.

208 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-16-5
10,00 EUR

Sepher Jesirah, Lazarus Goldschmidt Lazarus Goldschmidt
Sepher Jesirah
Das Buch der Schöpfung

Einer der zentralen Texte altjüdischer Literatur. Reprint der Originalausgabe von 1894.

104 Seiten, Paperback
ISBN 3-937392-14-9
12,80 EUR

Mutters Agenda
Teil 1 bis 13

Über 17 Jahre zeichnete der Bretone Satprem Gespräche mit Mira Alfassa, die in Indien "die Mutter" genannt wird, auf und begleitete die Entdeckungen auf den integralen und supramentalen Ebenen.

19,80 EUR

erscheint im Herbst 2005

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Mystical Qabalah
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Dion Fortune  More Info
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The Secrets of Dr. Taverner
Dion Fortune  More Info
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The Training & Work of an Initiate
Dion Fortune  More Info
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Dion Fortune  More Info

Cosmic Doctrine
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Esoteric Orders and Their Work
Dion Fortune  More Info
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Applied Magic
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Journal cover
The Journal of San Diego History
April 1964, Volume 10, Number 3
Contents of this issue

(From a hitherto unpublished manuscript of the late Herbert C. Hensley)

The old Pacific Beach Race-Track was the scene of that famous horseback duel in 1888.

Probably the most exciting sporting event witnessed in San Diego in the eighties was the famous Jaguarina-Weidermann broadsword contest, held at the Pacific Beach race-track at the foot of Rose Canyon, on Sunday, October 28, 1888. The fight was divided into eleven rounds (called "attacks") of three minutes each, and at the close the woman was declared the winner by the score of six to five.

As this result showed, it was a pretty close thing and had the fight gone on, (as the crowd vociferously but unsuccessfully, demanded), it might have ended differently, for Weidermann was almost a giant in size and an all-round gymnast, besides being a master of both sword and foil. At this time he was physical director of the German-American Turnverein as well as of the College of Letters at Pacific Beach; this latter was an early-day academy or college, originally built and which occupied the old structure which later became the main building of the Brown Military Academy.

It is evident that Jaguarina must have been a remarkable lady. Born in the United States, of an English father and a Spanish mother, she had spent most of her life in Europe and for the last eight years had been almost constantly engaged in sword-contests in America and abroad, being uniformly successful. Not long before the meeting with Weidermann she had bested the champion of the United States army, Sergeant Owen Davis, and also another notable representative of that army, Duncan C. Ross.

Of late years she had resided in Mexico, between bouts, and at this time was living near Ensenada. When the meeting with Professor Weidermann was arranged, Jaguarina made the trip to San Diego on horseback by way of conditioning her charger, Muchacho, for the coming fray. In San Diego, she bought another big horse and proceeded to train him, just in case anything happened to Muchacho.

Jaguarina (I never heard her family or given name) was an exceedingly fine-looking woman with dark hair and eyes but very fair complexion. I often saw her, from the window of James Harris' bookbinding shop in the old Tremont building where I worked, strolling composedly along Third street, with a great mastiff on leash. She dressed quietly, though richly, but such was her personal distinction that she could not but attract attention.

I did not attend that battle. In the first place, it was on Sunday, which settled the matter at the start, and besides, I hadn't the price of railroad fare plus admission, anyway. But, by all reports, the crowd got its full money's worth. There were around seven thousand persons present.

The contestants had their "corners" at opposite sides of the enclosure, and at the word rushed upon each other like knights of old. On their big horses, with flashing swords and breastplates, it must have been a thrilling spectacle. Jaguarina, though a large and powerful woman, looking, in her street clothes, what you would call a "stylish stout," was much the smaller. But she made up for that by a tremendous vigor and impetuosity. She constantly forced the fighting, thundering out of her corner and across the field, to meet the captain almost before he was out of his. She wore a French army officer's cuirass, of copper and brass, which blazed in the sunshine, as she came tearing across the lists.

Of course, both contestants were masked and helmeted, and besides their breastplates, had their sword-arms well padded. But at that, what with the rearing and pawing and snorting of their chargers and the ringing whacks of those sure-enough swords, and the referee and seconds (also mounted) swooping about, it was a gallant sight.

Captain Weidermann may not have heard of the great reputation of his fair antagonist, for when the contest was proposed he voiced a reluctance to engage in such a rough bout with a woman. And that idea, of chivalry, (though I imagine it did not last long after the first clash of arms), might possibly have had some little effect on his performance at the start of the mill.

The contest was marked, almost throughout, by good feeling; and altogether so on the part of the principals, except that there was one fiery argument joined in by contestants, referee and seconds, resulting in the change of referee, which so scared Captain Weidermann's second that he dove into the crowd and remained there, perdu, during the balance of the tournament. A Captain Heilbron quickly took his place.

Jaguarina remained some time in San Diego. She was talented in other ways than with the sword, and a couple of weeks later took part in an entertainment given by the Turnverein, at Leach's Opera House on D Street, when she sang and posed in classic living pictures. She and Weidermann also appeared in another contest, this time with foils.

At fencing she showed even greater superiority, winning by a larger margin of points than with the broadsword. These bouts made a great hit and an attempt was made later to bring the two together for a third meeting. But the captain declined. Probably he thought that enough was plenty. Could it have been a rough-and-tumble fight with no holds barred, or a melee with clubs or battle-axes, his chances of victory might have been better; but as it was, apparently the lady was just too fast for him.

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