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This is a photo album page.
The Stepford
The Stepford Wives - To Purchase Tickets, Choose A Theater On The Right

Also i will be posting notes self-reflective of my StepfordKid existence or some of my favourite links or pix, recipies etc.  maybe an occassianal bitchy note but i will endeavor to keep this upbeat.  thanks, Christine...(the strawberry girl in the T-Bird...)

<a href=""on my birth certificate it clearly states princess*~*&

as eager as i was to see the new Stepford was fully worth a DoubleFeature...Great!  the bits of humour (subtle and otherwise), the gay inuendoes and little talktalk subtles... the plot twists and of course Glen Close and Bette Midler and friends...  lovely movie and hope to add more here and see it sequal?

For Pix of Christine and Happy Christine fav' pix....kidsmilesz.....

Christine Ricci ... i really really like my stuff!~
Paramount Home Entertainment
Paramount Pictures
Stepford...stepping into new automated cd bd vids etcds  ...and more of the Kidz` View with Mean Girls... another of our fave` picks...yey Lindsey and friends!~  straw`blonde*

Financial pages for Stepford Specialists seeking financial steps to Bankings and Savings Success...

an other adventurous financial assistance page for the young enquirer....*amiles*

having blog for friends for good entries....i love the links...

Helpful page or site hunting from the Hungry Huntress folks!~ Blonde Dog

Painting: Tiger Night

Tiger Night

© Copyright Nemia Rucker
Medium: Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper
Size: 11" X 14"

Now available as an 11"X 14" Limited Edition Print!
Also available as an 8"X 10" Laser Print.

We welcome your comments,

email to Nemia at:

Christine Ricci...
making good music and goodf news....

stepfordkidchristine 203696119

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Fav page links for mega Lyrics to top songs! Shirley Temple to Je's Starship...

Christine Ricci... awesome Christine...
Christine grew up in Guilderland, New York. She graduated from Adelphi University in 1996 with a major in Communications and a minor in Mathematics. She also attended the New School of Radio and Television in 1998, where she received her Broadcasting certification.

Before moving to Harrisburg, Christine worked as a News Anchor for a News/Talk radio station in Albany. She also has experience producing television news, reporting and being an on-air personality for a classic rock radio station.

Christine joined WHP 580 as the weekend News Anchor in January of 2003, becoming a member of the Clear Channel team. Her full time position is at WHP 580&#8217;s sister station, WHP CBS 21, where she&#8217;s the News Topical Producer.

When she&#8217;s not working, Christine enjoys spending some quality time with her husband. She also likes to get out and see what the midstate has to offer. "I want to appreciate the area I live in, which is why I try to do a variety of activities."

. Stepford Addams Vegans Plus...The Kidz Stuff *(((meow)))* The Unofficial Addams Family Web Site  [New Window]  ... Margaret, Dana Ivey. Gary Granger, Peter MacNicol. Becky Granger, Christine Baranski. Pubert Addams, Kaitiyn and Kristen Hooper. Amanda Buckinan, Mercedes McNab. ...

. Stepford Addams Vegans Plus...The Kidz Stuff *(((meow)))* The Unofficial Addams Family Web Site  [New Window]  ... Margaret, Dana Ivey. Gary Granger, Peter MacNicol. Becky Granger, Christine Baranski. Pubert Addams, Kaitiyn and Kristen Hooper. Amanda Buckinan, Mercedes McNab. ...

Buffy and Barbie...
LaReinas de la Nuitnox et la Mer....

Visit our Frinedly Blog, read, enjoy and add a good line if you find the time, please...keep this lovely!~ mmmoomph!~

 Painting: A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

© Copyright Nemia Rucker
Medium: Oils on Hardwood Panel
Size: 18" X 24"

Available as a 5" X 7" Folded Notecard

We welcome your comments,

email to Nemia at:

This "nifty" Quiz was sent by a friend-of-a-frined...It's fun, sel'f-reformatory and a way of viewing thats fun!~  Magick can be fun~Samantha Fox 13th Heir of the Dune^Six6 AppleGate Planet B52...

A Geomancer!!!

a warrior with knowledge of the elements

nature-y; sensitive; fierce
try again?

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The Krupps Collection of Garden Accessories... fun Fairy and Gnome items...;-)

looking for Valentina? more Hollywood links to Victoria and other celebrs...

A Femmenoir Filmnoir Site honouring Black Hollywood... (the Black Pearls Mystery...Agents 99 96 87 86...Thanks, Hollywood!~

Surfing for a Friend i was indirecterd to this is an XX rated site but i did find clues to where my Friend might be... So go easy..."Naughty Girls Need Love Too..."

Surfing for a Friend i was indirecterd to this is an XX rated site but i did find clues to where my Friend might be... So go easy..."Naughty Girls Need Love Too..."

among the flowers and sand...looms a Coke Machine...weird conveyances...and an ATM...what a nice Island!~

 Subject: Get on my Team!    select
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You've been exclusively invited to join my Cingular Team. We're talking badges, contests and prizes if you join up.
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Just fill in all the fields below, and then click the "Register Now" button. You can enter once a day, now through September 23, 2004.

The Stepford Kid loves Anne Rice...of The Mummy, Pandora and...The Queen of the Damned...kudos to our Anne...R
photo Thanks GothicVampLover for linking this loving picture!  its great!  thanks too BlueBanshee! and more of GVLovers jpix @

for those who are "in" to the VampGothic scene...*darkblonde*
A Web Portal For Lesbians Of Color

Christine Adams Tripp, J.D.
Sunrise:  September 11, 1945
Sunset:   May 26, 2002

The following was written in October 2001 for Breast Cancer Awareness month. . .

Christine Adams Tripp is not only my best friend, she has also been my teacher and has taught me the meaning of the word “survivor.”  Her life has been one survival story after another and to quote Maya Angelou, and still she rises. 

She was born and raised in Watts, California.  As an infant, she was handed over to surrogate grandparents when her mother’s husband came home from military service and found her way home to child...” 

“Nana,” and her husband were the surrogate grandparents who took both Christine and her sister.  She stayed with Nana from the time she was two weeks old until she was nine. . . taking us was so we didn’t have to go to foster care, so I had to go live with her,” Christine recalls, “she ...her.  This was the first time I ever met a woman who was smoking and drinking and carousing in the streets.” 

[Picture left, Christine and I At Nancy Wilson Benefit for Minority AIDS Project]

Her mother [never ] encouraged her children to excel, quite the contrary, she did more to douse their dreams and aspirations than to encourage them.  However, Christine still managed to overcome her mother’s insults and became a voracious reader, a violinist, a member of the chess team, and a top student in school.  “I remember coming home one day” Christine recalls, “I was a straight ‘A’ student.  I came home one day with my good grades and she said ‘I don’t know why you’re studying this way; you ....”  This is one of many examples in which Christine has had to overcome adversity in order to survive. 

Christine knew, definitively, she was a lesbian at 13 years of age.  Although, when she was 4 or 5 years old, there was this female minister at church she liked.  She told her Nana she wanted to marry her.  Her grandmother told her “you cannot marry her.”  She, as children are wont to do, thought it was because she was simply too young at the time, so, at 8-year old, she asked her Nana, “now can I marry her?”  Her grandmother’s answer was the same.  We dedicate this Page to those like Christine, Joan, Cindy and others who help pave our nubian ways... Thanks Christine!

PHOTO BY DENNIECE GALANTE FOR TIME Complete List 2001 Best Inventions  E-Ma Friend She may look like a casting reject from Village of the Damned, but Cindy Smart is no creepy alien-girl. Well, she is a little creepy. With two 16-bit microprocessors, voice-recognition software and a digital camera lodged in her chest, she takes interactive playtime to a new level. The doll can do simple math, recognize basic shapes and colors, respond to 70 preprogrammed questions and read flash cards (as long as they're within her vocabulary of 650 English words and a smattering of German, Spanish, Italian and French ones). If all this gets to be too much, you can always switch Cindy off and braid her white-blond hair. To Learn More: Next: Mini Sub >> Try 4 FREE issues of TIME FROM THE NOV. 18, 2002 ISSUE OF TIME MAGAZINE; POSTED SUNDAY, NOV. 10, 2002 Copyright © 2002 Time Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Subscribe | Customer Service | FAQ | Site Map | Search | Contact Us Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Reprints & Permissions | Press Releases | Media Kit Advertisement var urlEnd = document.URL.indexOf('?'); string=document.URL; if (urlEnd != -1){ my_url = string.substring(0,urlEnd); } else { my_url = document.URL; } Braille Glove Dog Translator Infoscope Hy-wire Car Phone Tooth Scramjet Trikke Scooter Wheelman Wireless Headset Sputmik Microphone Color Therapy Lamps Comfort Bedding Date Safe Sex and the Drug Spotter Foam Chairs Landmine Destroyer Robot Vacuum Safety Chute Spin Vacuum Nano-Tex Musical Jacket Ultra-Cashmere Air Surfer Hi-Tech Scuba Cindy Smart Doll Mini Sub Smart Skis Travel Surfboard Survival Tool Ultra-Bubble Aerogel 3-D Online Environment Camera Chip Earth Simulator Mars Rovers Solar Tower Virtual Keyboard Tomato Vaccine Virtual Ultrasound Breath Strips Birth Control Patch Icopod KeyPads Shop 2000 3000 4590

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Welcome to Stepford Accessories EVEn Your Neighbours Wuill LOVE...

Enter images and other content here

an angels bath...
a devils shower...

Enter supporting content here::
among my fov' movies  all
The Stepford Movies...books...files...
TheDamne'd (spotlite!) thingies:  ;-)
  Village of the Damned
  Ramses the DaMned
  Queen of the Damned (and Pandora, Anne Rice's great books)
  Children od thw Damned
  The Mummy, Bride of the Mummy
  I, Vampire
  Ruby, Wanda and Madonna Vampira...
  Emilie's Lettres ( and vii)
  Que la Vida dela Dia
  Alice en Worldland and the Oz books...
  Valentina the Movie...
  Elle Enchanted
  13 Going en 30
  Raising Helen
 and The Stepford Wives... fun Gothics!~

Stepford Food Recipe:: for creammy Strawberry Shortcake and other yummy treats, try this link. Look for other yum recipes in our sites and in the Phyllis Naylor (All But') Alice and Lou Jane Temple's Heavenly mystery series books...

For the Miss Clairol look for this...the purrfect Stepford Wife picturepperfect steps for a more beautiful Hollywood too....

from this grea tStevieNicks site comes the story of the legendairy Rhiannon::

Stevie "Rhiannon" Nicks  one The One of Our all Timespace Favourite Goddesses...Goddess of the G~Millennieum!  See the Fire & Fleet & Candlelight sites for links with Buffy and Stevie...thanks a whole lotta lovin!'  

This page is dedicated to to the song Rhiannon, one of my very favorites! Stevie first heard the name Rhiannon in a book called Triad. The story is not about the goddess Rhiannon, although it does talk about the Mabinogion and the Story of Rhiannon the goddess. In fact the Rhiannon in Triad is an evil person! The main charactor is Branwen, she is welsh, and its her cousin who was named Rhiannon. They looked alot alike, Brawnen's mother had a twin sister that married her father's twin brother! Rhiannon died at the age of 13 and Branwen was 9. Rhiannon had been very cruel to Branwen, so one day during a game of hide and seek, Branwen finds Rhiannon hiding in a big freezer in the basement and laughing. On the floor is the dead kitten which had been given to Branwen, and Rhiannon killed, although none of the s believed Rhiannon was guilty. While Branwen goes outside to rebury the kitten, Rhiannon can't hold the lid up and is trapped. They are alone in the house and Branwen can't open the lid and must run for help, but Rhiannon dies inside the freezer. Branwen always felt guilty about her death. The story begins where Branwen and her husband buy a big old house on the cliffs of Lake Michigan after losing their baby to crib death and not wanted to return to the same apartment. Some say the house is haunted. She is alone alot as her husband travels alot. Three years go by and she still has not become pregnant again. She begins to hear voices, Rhiannon's voice! Things disappear and reappear in places she doesn't remember putting them. She begins having blackouts for days. She finally becomes pregnant, and towards the end of her pregnancy the voice of Rhiannon makes her run out to the cliffs where her husband finds her. She begins seeing a psychiatrist who asks her does she know the story of Rhiannon, as he is also welsh. This is where a brief description of the story of Rhiannon is mentioned in the book. He finds she has a split personality named Phoebe. She seems to be better, has the baby and all is well. Then the doctor disappears, and Rhiannon returns trying to take her over. She comes out of a struggle with Rhiannon in the babys room where her husband finds her. It ends with Branwen in a mental hospital, her husband and baby left the house and moved into an apartment. She wants to stay in the mental hospital where she know Rhiannon can not get to her husband and child. Branwen sends a note to the police that she thinks the doctor may be in the basement inside a water cisten of some kind. Rhiannon is getting stronger and comes out alot more and is trying to convince doctors she is getting better, so Branwen writes the whole story down to give to her husband to protect them.

"Isn't Rhiannon a beautiful name" Stevie says to Lindsey. And a beautifully haunting song was created, ever changing, ever evolving! Also written, the Three Birds Of Rhiannon, along with other songs, to become a movie about Rhiannon. Unfortunately, a movie and the other songs were never finished or released.


Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night

And wouldn't you love to love her

She rules her life like a bird in flight

And who will be her lover..and who will be her lover

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

She is like a cat in the dark

And then she is the darkness

She rules her life like a fine skylark

And when the sky is starless

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

Dreams's a state of mind..

Words by Stevie Nicks

Some years after Rhiannon was written Stevie was sent, by a fan, the Mabinogion which surprised Stevie how much her song was like the story of Rhiannon. Rhiannon's story is one of love and magic. Rhiannon was a queen in the "Bright World" which is far above our own. She fell in love with a mysterious stranger and was bid to subdue up her powers and her world in order to marry ... one of theonly power she was left with was her power of insight, enabling her to see into the future. Rhiannon had three magical birds, one emerald green, one golden, and one snow white. The three birds could sing the dead to life and the living to sleep. The birds would only come in time of great need to help heal and end suffering.

This is one of our favourite Real~ity People...check it out!~ smiles*)))

Thoughts for the Day, 12 Step program support, bookstore and a smile!~

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R U a Smoker? if u r check out the Party and festive smoke choices at this website!

...keeping Moms and Babies everywhen Happy...the Galaxy Epresso HitchhikerWXXyz...thanks to BlueBanshee and SilverHazel of

Who are the Missing Purrszens? Clandestine people of L...A....*swampBlonde*

In the another wonderful Stevie Nicks site...especially linked and webbed...

Stevie and other good music links Angel...thanks SL my special SilverLady... the Tradition of Connie, Talking Tina,BetsyWetsy,Chatty Kathy, here's a new Stepford Doll to keep an eye on us...

another cellular phone provider with interesting links...Cricket...


Another good celeb*page...Heather...Amanda...Denise..Elizabeht...Spotlight and Cult Stars...*

King Of The Playground
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info


Jade Green : A Ghost Story
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Witch Water
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Witch's Sister
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

The Girls Take Over

A Spy Among the Girls
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
i especially love this Alice series...

Patiently Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Blizzard's Wake
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Saving Shiloh
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

The Witch Herself
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

How I Came To Be A Writer
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
early Alice books...

Starting with Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
a great Entry in the Alice in...series...

Alice in Blunderland (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
~everyone loves Alice!~

Lovingly Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
how far will Alice go to be herself and still be loyal to her friends!*

Outrageously Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Girls Rule!
especially our Alice...

Including Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Shiloh Trilogy Paperback Boxed Set
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Beetles Lightly Toasted
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

lush-Campbelle here in the banshee web is links with Fun and purepathways.... SilverHazel's Fantaseas: Meditation & Field Trips

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W On Newsstands Now
Issue 10.08 | Aug 2002
Print, email, or fax
this article for free.

Stepford Child

She speaks when spoken to, she's a teacher's pet ... heck, she's got a photographic memory. Chips and cams and computer programs - that's what Cindy Smart is made of.

By Sonia Zjawinski

Even though she's just 5 years old, Cindy Smart speaks five languages. She's a good reader. She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division.

She's not a prodigy. She's just good programming.

Cindy looks like an average doll - 18˝ inches of blond hair, baby-blue eyes, and a button nose. But loaded with a digital camera, microprocessor, and voice recognition software, Cindy is the first doll that can see, think, and do as she's told. That makes her both surprisingly precocious ... and a little creepy. When introduced by Toy Quest at conventions around the nation earlier this year, the doll spooked viewers as she read and counted out loud. "It was just startling," says Karla' Busche, a toy industry veteran. "If the Stepford Wives had babies, this is what they would be like." Busche, a buyer for the Home Shopping Network, signed up to sell 500 dolls on HSN this July, in advance of her debut on store shelves this fall with a $100 price tag.

Photo by Jamie ~nnes Chiang
Photo by James Chiang
"Sell Mattel @ $20..."
The eagle-eyed Cindy follows in the path of other breakthrough toys like Chatty Cathy, whose pull-string statements shook up the doll market 40 years ago, or Sony's barking Aibo robot, which was the first to popularize voice command in the late '90s. Cindy takes Aibo's innovations one step beyond: She not only follows instructions but intuits shapes, colors, and words — and remembers. The effect is a doll that appears to be learning.

An apparently good link to other Stepford Files...

heres some fun links to some of our other sites...

link to good search engines and...Nancy Drew mmod? see for yourself... wanda and Diane looked Art Ruby and her sister Lily...smoking...a drink? Thanks Libbie...vitaCee

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