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Greetings, everyone!

Welcome to the Whirlitzer of Wisdoms! If you're new here, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mustapha, certified public storyteller, and I will be your moderator and host. I'd like to welcome you to the ZBS forum, where we discuss anything we like, using the stories and adventures of ZBS as a starting and reference point, and then going our merry ways at will. I invite you to enter the forum and add your thoughts and opinions to the gathering which I call the Whirlitzer of Wisdoms. If you follow one of the links above to the forum itself, we can talk further.

For those of you already familiar with the Whirlitzer, don't panic. Things haven't changed too dramatically, or too suddenly, either. Your Whirlitzer email won't be changed or removed. The new system I've chosen is a real improvement, and I'll have much more control over the forum than I have now, so I've been able to get rid of hassles like that unpleasant registration process on the old forum (Yes, I know, there's still a registration, but it's optional, and less intrusive than the old one. They set that up, not I've gone solo, as I'd hoped to from the beginning), as well as offering greater flexibility to you, my guests. I've also made sure that all the old posts, going back to the very beginning, have been transferred over to the new format. The past has not been lost in the move to the future.

If you're unfamiliar with the wonderful worlds ZBS has created, you can find out more about them by visiting the ZBS homepage. There, you can find information on the history, goals, and works of ZBS. You can hear some audio clips, and even buy the marvellous radio Dramas for which they are so justifiably famous. You can find a link to ZBS on every page of this site, they're really worth a visit!

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This is a main/2 secondary areas page.

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Welcome to the Interior
...of Our Web my Friends...

We respectfully add this note as a Dedication to the recent Memoriam for our friend Elizabeth Anne R., her Mom and Liberty...and the Good times we've shared at Dog Beach, Mexico and the New Haven Hathor rooms of our Castle...

Tru Eliza link to tour of Episodes of Subtitled White Castle..Take the Fox Tour if you like...

The TimeSymPosium of Royal AbiGail Storm Animals Anubis MalaQ The Course of the KatPeople AnkhSuAnamon Lolita Love and the SeaCreatures of Edendara...

Buffy's appearance...


Eliza of TruCalling


Zip Codes and other useful Poastal Information!  The Underworld/House of Hathor page thanks several for Inspiration::  movie The Underworld for Vampiric Inspiration; The 13th Floor for Matrix Linx and smiles from *Elusive Kat02*; *Ankh~Su~Amun~*Netter for Moon Parties and Egyptian ties... and thanks again, O Magick Mirror, for Sweet Inspiration...

Blue Butterfly

Doggie products for the Stepford Dog....good stuff! nice jucie links!~

Childs Block Rotating



GoldenGirls of the OlymPics ...the Beauties...

another weird site to investigate...UnknownZone stuff so bring your notebook and Nancy Drew camera dvds...

While surfing, web "toolingaround" and looking for the Rite spots to land...its helpful to have a good Map Site Locator...


"...Time to see again the Beauty that is all around us...I am in awe of the Simplicity and Complexity, the Complicity of Our Nature...observe the Creatures, animals, the Vistas and Streams all around us in our World..."~  The Garden Faery; Stepford File.Khr.13...EU.MX.CA.UST..;-)

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and thanks again, especially to *MOO GODDESS** and *Silver Hazel~*

EVERY stepford family homes needs some lovely plants...preferably   With Flower Blooms... *smiles*  SB~*
She wore shoes with hilts down to the ground, adding to her alright sizeable height. Ruby stood to welcome the visitor. "Are you Halle Berry? Cat Woman?" Accepting her hand, their beautiful visitor purred. "We do have a Familiar!" She laughed a deep sultry laugh and sat down in the leather chair Wanda offered. "I am called Lady Jace... although you may not remember at this Time....we have met

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The Monday interview

'Get me to the funny bar'

Her childhood was classic Melancholy with whiffs of faerie hollywood magick to ease the causticism of parental and publicity rumours... But Carrie Fisher can't understand why celebrities are such whingers

Emma Brockes
Monday February 16, 2004
The Guardian

Carrie Fisher: will be talking about screenwriting at the British Library tonight.

On a good day, Carrie Fisher enjoys herself the way only a manic depressive can. "Gaaaad," she exclaims, flopping into a chair in the suite of a Dublin hotel. "I just got my hair done but ONLY because I can't do it myself, not out of vanity." Today is a good day. Yesterday was not such a good day. If we had done the interview yesterday, says Declan, her publicist, things might have been -averting eyes - difficult. "So I was watching the TV in my hotel room," roars Fisher, "and there was this show on and swear to God it was in theelvea[sic] language of the ELVes." She pitches in her chair as if she is stabilising the roll of a ship. "What the hell language is that? I know it's not Welsh, I know it's not Latvian."

"It's called Gaelic," says Declan stonily.

"Really? People actually speak that?"

Fisher in this mood is like a throwback to that bygone age when stars occasionally slipped the PR net and drank whisky and railed to eager journalists about their lousy ex-husbands. Today she is on stupendous form, a 47-year-old in a defiantly short skirt - her stance against the evil agents of anorexia - and a gob on her like the Wife of Bath's, which seems at every blast to affirm: push me in the fire and I'll walk straight through it...!~

Carrie Fisher on Leia

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It's been almost 25 years since she first donned her regal white gown and that infamous Danish pastry hair-do, but Carrie Fisher's portrayal of Princess Liea Organa in the orginal Star Wars trilogy still reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of movie buffs across the galaxy.

The daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Carrie was 19 when she auditioned for the role of Princess Leia in 1975. After 3 months of readings, writer-director Geogre Lucus earmarked the parts of Luke Skywaker, Han Solo and Princess Leia for the trio of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Fisher.


Throughout the filming, Fisher struggled with the stilted dialogue and was wracked with self-doubt about her ability to depict Princess Leia's regal beauty, but this didn't spoil her debut outing as the fearless ferociously foxy rebel leader. " I really liked shooting the first one" she recalls. "It was my first big film". Star Wars amazing success at the box office swiftly spawned two more adventures, starting with - The Empire strikes back.


Fisher feels not only was this the most enjoyable of the films to shoot, but it was also the strongest chapter. "It's the one that the characters are most explored in" she explains. " It's kind of spiritual, if you will.

Retun of the Jedi, on the other hand, proved to be her least favourite. She objected to Leia's transformation into the chained, bikini-clad slave girl and the way her regal alter ego seemed to become subordinate to the male chartacters. " When they took my clothes off, put me in a bikini and shut me up, I thought it was a strong indication of what the thrid film was" she says.


Star Wars will always be a part of Fisher's life. But the 44-year old screen icon has to come to terms with the predicament, and recognises that her involvement with the trilogy has reaped rewards. " I got to be associated with a classic film" she says. " And it got me to be whatever it is that I am - a sort of weird celebrity.


As for the downsides of being forever linked to Star Wars, there's only one thing that springs to Carrie's Fisher mind. "The worst thing is that I'll be called Princess Leai when I'm 55"

She admits with a wry grin " So the worst thing hasn't happened yet"

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a Great Search Engine, the Dogfile in England...*@

The Children of Artemis
"To promote an ethical approach to Wicca, in accordance with the wiccan rede "An it harm none, do what you will" The Children of Artemis is an organisation who work for Wiccans and in particular for those just starting on their Path. Their Witchfest conferences take place around the country throughout the year, they also organise 'Gatherings' (moots) around the country which are advertised to members. (for details of Witchfest events click here)

They produce the magazine 'Wicca & Witchcraft' which is packed with original articles aimes at new comers to Wicca and I would recommend it very highly to those starting out.
BM Artemis,

The Fellowship of Isis
"The Fellowship of Isis (FOI) is an international organization that is dedicated to honoring the religion of the Goddess in Her many forms. It was founded at Clonegal Castle, Ireland at the Vernal Equinox of 1976. The founders are Olivia Robertson and the late Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson."
The FOI welcomes members from all traditions, providing the Goddess is revered, see their website for further information and read the Manifesto which outlines their beliefs.
There is no membership fees, but you can subscribe to Isian News at a small fee.

To Proceed to THE CHYNA SHRYNE Click This Link

Here you will find over 770 pictures of THE NINTH WONDER OF THE WORLD and Growing!! News updates! There is also a WWE SHOPZONE Menu and Links!
for those who enjoy...our "little" secret... one of the Great (9th) Flames of our Stepford Dynnasty...*smiles* StrawberryPrincess*

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Click here to down load the free Egyptian Temples screen saver.

Gateway to the temple.
Facade of the Temple
Hypostyle Hall
The Sacred Lake
Birth House of Mammisi
The Temenos Wall

House of Hathor

The temple of Dendara

The Temple of Dendara was known as the 'Castle of the Sistrum' or 'Pr Hathor' - House of Hathor. Hathor was the goddess of love, joy and beauty.   another espanol a-link:: Modern Stepford Hathorian Beauties include Olympic GoldenGirl Favorites such as Amy ...visit this site for gorgeious views...

Click here ...times to see the GoldenGirls of Olympics...

Lotus Notes/Domino

The strength of Lotus Domino comes from its "engine," Lotus Notes. It is a paradox that Notes did not begin as an Internet- or web-based technology; it was originally a proprietary platform.

Domino has never been a mere medium for the publication of static pages, or "brochureware." From the beginning, Domino has represented a more dynamic and more powerful vision of collaborative and document-based computing -- greater than what the originators of the web had foreseen.

Then, several years ago, Lotus toppled the proprietary barrier. Lotus brought its expansive vision of collaborative, document-based computing to the web.

The result is Lotus Domino, a uniquely powerful product and the standards-based platform of choice. It can perform a phenomenal range of Internet, intranet, and extranet applications. Domino can handle everything from business productivity applications -- the workhorses of the corporate intranet -- to the complex and multi-dimensional corporate website. CORBA, the infrastructure of distributed object computing, is now integrated into Domino.

When Lotus Notes / Domino is used in conjunction with IBM's WebSphere, they can each draw on the strengths of the other. Domino can invoke WebSphere servlets which can then access DB2 or Oracle databases. WebSphere can access Domino as a data store or Domino's replication, automation and presentation capabilities.

Synaptic Communications Inc. is an information technology consulting company. We specialize in development, administration and security for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, IBM WebSphere, SameTime (Lotus Instant Messaging), QuickPlace (Lotus Team Workplace), iNotes, and Java applications that deliver business-critical content and services. Our forté is database integration, collaborative environments, and workflow automation.

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from this grea tStevieNicks site comes the story of the legendairy Rhiannon::

Stevie "Rhiannon" Nicks  one The One of Our all Timespace Favourite Goddesses...Goddess of the G~Millennieum!  See the Fire & Fleet & Candlelight sites for links with Buffy and Stevie...thanks a whole lotta lovin!'  

This page is dedicated to to the song Rhiannon, one of my very favorites! Stevie first heard the name Rhiannon in a book called Triad. The story is not about the goddess Rhiannon, although it does talk about the Mabinogion and the Story of Rhiannon the goddess. In fact the Rhiannon in Triad is an evil person! The main charactor is Branwen, she is welsh, and its her cousin who was named Rhiannon. They looked alot alike, Brawnen's mother had a twin sister that married her father's twin brother! Rhiannon died at the age of 13 and Branwen was 9. Rhiannon had been very cruel to Branwen, so one day during a game of hide and seek, Branwen finds Rhiannon hiding in a big freezer in the basement and laughing. On the floor is the dead kitten which had been given to Branwen, and Rhiannon killed, although none of the s believed Rhiannon was guilty. While Branwen goes outside to rebury the kitten, Rhiannon can't hold the lid up and is trapped. They are alone in the house and Branwen can't open the lid and must run for help, but Rhiannon dies inside the freezer. Branwen always felt guilty about her death. The story begins where Branwen and her husband buy a big old house on the cliffs of Lake Michigan after losing their baby to crib death and not wanted to return to the same apartment. Some say the house is haunted. She is alone alot as her husband travels alot. Three years go by and she still has not become pregnant again. She begins to hear voices, Rhiannon's voice! Things disappear and reappear in places she doesn't remember putting them. She begins having blackouts for days. She finally becomes pregnant, and towards the end of her pregnancy the voice of Rhiannon makes her run out to the cliffs where her husband finds her. She begins seeing a psychiatrist who asks her does she know the story of Rhiannon, as he is also welsh. This is where a brief description of the story of Rhiannon is mentioned in the book. He finds she has a split personality named Phoebe. She seems to be better, has the baby and all is well. Then the doctor disappears, and Rhiannon returns trying to take her over. She comes out of a struggle with Rhiannon in the babys room where her husband finds her. It ends with Branwen in a mental hospital, her husband and baby left the house and moved into an apartment. She wants to stay in the mental hospital where she know Rhiannon can not get to her husband and child. Branwen sends a note to the police that she thinks the doctor may be in the basement inside a water cisten of some kind. Rhiannon is getting stronger and comes out alot more and is trying to convince doctors she is getting better, so Branwen writes the whole story down to give to her husband to protect them.

"Isn't Rhiannon a beautiful name" Stevie says to Lindsey. And a beautifully haunting song was created, ever changing, ever evolving! Also written, the Three Birds Of Rhiannon, along with other songs, to become a movie about Rhiannon. Unfortunately, a movie and the other songs were never finished or released.


Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night

And wouldn't you love to love her

She rules her life like a bird in flight

And who will be her lover..and who will be her lover

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

She is like a cat in the dark

And then she is the darkness

She rules her life like a fine skylark

And when the sky is starless

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

Dreams's a state of mind..

Words by Stevie Nicks

Some years after Rhiannon was written Stevie was sent, by a fan, the Mabinogion which surprised Stevie how much her song was like the story of Rhiannon. Rhiannon's story is one of love and magic. Rhiannon was a queen in the "Bright World" which is far above our own. She fell in love with a mysterious stranger and was bid to subdue up her powers and her world in order to marry ... one of theonly power she was left with was her power of insight, enabling her to see into the future. Rhiannon had three magical birds, one emerald green, one golden, and one snow white. The three birds could sing the dead to life and the living to sleep. The birds would only come in time of great need to help heal and end suffering.

This is one of our favourite Real~ity People...check it out!~ smiles*)))

Thoughts for the Day, 12 Step program support, bookstore and a smile!~

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R U a Smoker? if u r check out the Party and festive smoke choices at this website!

...keeping Moms and Babies everywhen Happy...the Galaxy Epresso HitchhikerWXXyz...thanks to BlueBanshee and SilverHazel of

Who are the Missing Purrszens? Clandestine people of L...A....*swampBlonde*

In the another wonderful Stevie Nicks site...especially linked and webbed...

Stevie and other good music links Angel...thanks SL my special SilverLady... the Tradition of Connie, Talking Tina,BetsyWetsy,Chatty Kathy, here's a new Stepford Doll to keep an eye on us...

another cellular phone provider with interesting links...Cricket...


Another good celeb*page...Heather...Amanda...Denise..Elizabeht...Spotlight and Cult Stars...*

King Of The Playground
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info


Jade Green : A Ghost Story
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Witch Water
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Witch's Sister
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

The Girls Take Over

A Spy Among the Girls
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
i especially love this Alice series...

Patiently Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Blizzard's Wake
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Saving Shiloh
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

The Witch Herself
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

How I Came To Be A Writer
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
early Alice books...

Starting with Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
a great Entry in the Alice in...series...

Alice in Blunderland (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
~everyone loves Alice!~

Lovingly Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
how far will Alice go to be herself and still be loyal to her friends!*

Outrageously Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Girls Rule!
especially our Alice...

Including Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Shiloh Trilogy Paperback Boxed Set
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Beetles Lightly Toasted
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

lush-Campbelle here in the banshee web is links with Fun and purepathways.... SilverHazel's Fantaseas: Meditation & Field Trips

Site settings Last published 8/24/04 View published site: For those who cherish fine smokes... Site settings Last published 8/24/04 View published site:

W On Newsstands Now
Issue 10.08 | Aug 2002
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Stepford Child

She speaks when spoken to, she's a teacher's pet ... heck, she's got a photographic memory. Chips and cams and computer programs - that's what Cindy Smart is made of.

By Sonia Zjawinski

Even though she's just 5 years old, Cindy Smart speaks five languages. She's a good reader. She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division.

She's not a prodigy. She's just good programming.

Cindy looks like an average doll - 18 inches of blond hair, baby-blue eyes, and a button nose. But loaded with a digital camera, microprocessor, and voice recognition software, Cindy is the first doll that can see, think, and do as she's told. That makes her both surprisingly precocious ... and a little creepy. When introduced by Toy Quest at conventions around the nation earlier this year, the doll spooked viewers as she read and counted out loud. "It was just startling," says Karla' Busche, a toy industry veteran. "If the Stepford Wives had babies, this is what they would be like." Busche, a buyer for the Home Shopping Network, signed up to sell 500 dolls on HSN this July, in advance of her debut on store shelves this fall with a $100 price tag.

Photo by Jamie ~nnes Chiang
Photo by James Chiang
"Sell Mattel @ $20..."
The eagle-eyed Cindy follows in the path of other breakthrough toys like Chatty Cathy, whose pull-string statements shook up the doll market 40 years ago, or Sony's barking Aibo robot, which was the first to popularize voice command in the late '90s. Cindy takes Aibo's innovations one step beyond: She not only follows instructions but intuits shapes, colors, and words — and remembers. The effect is a doll that appears to be learning.

An apparently good link to other Stepford Files...

heres some fun links to some of our other sites...

link to good search engines and...Nancy Drew mmod? see for yourself... wanda and Diane looked Art Ruby and her sister Lily...smoking...a drink? Thanks Libbie...vitaCee

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first heard of Jane's first album from a friend and @ CalJane of boltdotcom  more of Jane @