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Oz Sideshow Exclusive
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer is back in a ... Discuss Eliza Dushku Graphics on our boards Marti Noxon - The Networks Are Trading ...
Eliza Dushku - Total Film Magazine Photoshoot - Medium Quality Photos
From - 2005-02-7th from the follkes at TRuHeart $ZBSRubyTowers FantasyMakers

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232 x 457
Buffy The Vampire Slayer is back in a ... Discuss Eliza Dushku Graphics on our boards Marti Noxon - The Networks Are Trading ...
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Eliza Dushku - Punkd MTV Show - Medium Quality Screencaps 12 %
Eliza Dushku - 13th Elton John AIDS Foundation Party - High Quality Photos 2 8 %
Eliza Dushku - Black Clothes & Red Wall Photoshoot - High Quality Photos 6 %
Eliza Dushku - 13th Elton John AIDS Foundation Party - Medium Quality Photos 5 %
Eliza Dushku - Different Hair Style - Photos 3 %
Eliza Dushku & New Boyfriend ? - Photos I 3 %
Eliza Dushku - ’The Kiss’ Movie (2003) - Good Quality Screencaps 2 %

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It is better to be a first rate version of yourself, than a second rate version of someone else -- (Judy Garland)
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Who's that @ the train station sitting on the bench sleeping ...?
The movie Cyndi is watching at the beginning of the video is The Garden of Allah (1936).

This song in concert
This song has been performed during the following tours: Fun (12 times), True Colors (19 times), A Night To Remember (13 times), A.M.A.C.S. (4 times), Hat Full Of Stars (11 times), Twelve Deadly Cyns (23 times), Sisters Of Avalon (50 times), Summer 1999 (30 times), Summer 2000 (1 time), Shine (50 times), Cher 2002 (50 times), At Last (57 times), Other Live Appearances (10 times)

You can find info about this song on the site.

This song was used during a commercial for Healthy Choice microwaveable meals in 1998.

This song appears in the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
And think of you
Caught up in circles confusion--
Is nothing new
Flashback--warm nights--
Almost left behind
Suitcases of memories,
Time after--

Sometimes you picture me--
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear
What you've said--
Then you say--go slow--
I fall behind--
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look--and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting
Time after time

After my picture fades and darkness has
Turned to gray
Watching through windows--you're wondering
If I'm OK
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time--

If you're lost...

You said go slow--
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds--

If you're lost...
...Time after time
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time

© 1983 Rellla Music Co. (BMI) and Dub Notes (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

wasnt this the Real soundtrack to the Chris' Reeves movie TIME AFTER TIME... REMember the music the subtles...we were my love...

Song reviews
There are already 27 reviews for this song. The average rate is 9.964/10.

Just feel free to send a review of this song or to read the others' reviews !


from Time after time.Time...
ECZ= a musical coin....?

from Time after time.Time...
ECZ= a musical coin....?

The BellaBeauty Stevie...
nicksfix003.jpg a Prayer... my love...

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Complete List

2001 Best Inventions

 E-HAMailiton a Friend


She may look like a casting reject from Village of the Damned, but Cindy Smart is no creepy alien-girl. Well, she is a little creepy. With two 16-bit microprocessors, voice-recognition software and a digital camera lodged in her chest, she takes interactive playtime to a new level. The doll can do simple math, recognize basic shapes and colors, respond to 70 preprogrammed questions and read flash cards (as long as they're within her vocabulary of 650 English words and a smattering of German, Spanish, Italian and French ones). If all this gets to be too much, you can always switch Cindy off and braid her white-blond hair.

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from this grea tStevieNicks site comes the story of the legendairy Rhiannon::

Stevie "Rhiannon" Nicks  one The One of Our all Timespace Favourite Goddesses...Goddess of the G~Millennieum!  See the Fire & Fleet & Candlelight sites for links with Buffy and Stevie...thanks a whole lotta lovin!'  

This page is dedicated to to the song Rhiannon, one of my very favorites! Stevie first heard the name Rhiannon in a book called Triad. The story is not about the goddess Rhiannon, although it does talk about the Mabinogion and the Story of Rhiannon the goddess. In fact the Rhiannon in Triad is an evil person! The main charactor is Branwen, she is welsh, and its her cousin who was named Rhiannon. They looked alot alike, Brawnen's mother had a twin sister that married her father's twin brother! Rhiannon died at the age of 13 and Branwen was 9. Rhiannon had been very cruel to Branwen, so one day during a game of hide and seek, Branwen finds Rhiannon hiding in a big freezer in the basement and laughing. On the floor is the dead kitten which had been given to Branwen, and Rhiannon killed, although none of the s believed Rhiannon was guilty. While Branwen goes outside to rebury the kitten, Rhiannon can't hold the lid up and is trapped. They are alone in the house and Branwen can't open the lid and must run for help, but Rhiannon dies inside the freezer. Branwen always felt guilty about her death. The story begins where Branwen and her husband buy a big old house on the cliffs of Lake Michigan after losing their baby to crib death and not wanted to return to the same apartment. Some say the house is haunted. She is alone alot as her husband travels alot. Three years go by and she still has not become pregnant again. She begins to hear voices, Rhiannon's voice! Things disappear and reappear in places she doesn't remember putting them. She begins having blackouts for days. She finally becomes pregnant, and towards the end of her pregnancy the voice of Rhiannon makes her run out to the cliffs where her husband finds her. She begins seeing a psychiatrist who asks her does she know the story of Rhiannon, as he is also welsh. This is where a brief description of the story of Rhiannon is mentioned in the book. He finds she has a split personality named Phoebe. She seems to be better, has the baby and all is well. Then the doctor disappears, and Rhiannon returns trying to take her over. She comes out of a struggle with Rhiannon in the babys room where her husband finds her. It ends with Branwen in a mental hospital, her husband and baby left the house and moved into an apartment. She wants to stay in the mental hospital where she know Rhiannon can not get to her husband and child. Branwen sends a note to the police that she thinks the doctor may be in the basement inside a water cisten of some kind. Rhiannon is getting stronger and comes out alot more and is trying to convince doctors she is getting better, so Branwen writes the whole story down to give to her husband to protect them.

"Isn't Rhiannon a beautiful name" Stevie says to Lindsey. And a beautifully haunting song was created, ever changing, ever evolving! Also written, the Three Birds Of Rhiannon, along with other songs, to become a movie about Rhiannon. Unfortunately, a movie and the other songs were never finished or released.


Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night

And wouldn't you love to love her

She rules her life like a bird in flight

And who will be her lover..and who will be her lover

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

She is like a cat in the dark

And then she is the darkness

She rules her life like a fine skylark

And when the sky is starless

All your life you've never seen

A woman taken by the wind

Would you stay if she promised you heaven

Will you ever win..

Dreams's a state of mind..

Words by Stevie Nicks

Some years after Rhiannon was written Stevie was sent, by a fan, the Mabinogion which surprised Stevie how much her song was like the story of Rhiannon. Rhiannon's story is one of love and magic. Rhiannon was a queen in the "Bright World" which is far above our own. She fell in love with a mysterious stranger and was bid to subdue up her powers and her world in order to marry ... one of theonly power she was left with was her power of insight, enabling her to see into the future. Rhiannon had three magical birds, one emerald green, one golden, and one snow white. The three birds could sing the dead to life and the living to sleep. The birds would only come in time of great need to help heal and end suffering.

This is one of our favourite Real~ity People...check it out!~ smiles*)))

Thoughts for the Day, 12 Step program support, bookstore and a smile!~

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...keeping Moms and Babies everywhen Happy...the Galaxy Epresso HitchhikerWXXyz...thanks to BlueBanshee and SilverHazel of

Who are the Missing Purrszens? Clandestine people of L...A....*swampBlonde*

In the another wonderful Stevie Nicks site...especially linked and webbed...

Stevie and other good music links Angel...thanks SL my special SilverLady... the Tradition of Connie, Talking Tina,BetsyWetsy,Chatty Kathy, here's a new Stepford Doll to keep an eye on us...

another cellular phone provider with interesting links...Cricket...


Another good celeb*page...Heather...Amanda...Denise..Elizabeht...Spotlight and Cult Stars...*

King Of The Playground
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Jade Green : A Ghost Story
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A Spy Among the Girls
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i especially love this Alice series...

Patiently Alice (Alice)
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How I Came To Be A Writer
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early Alice books...

Starting with Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
a great Entry in the Alice in...series...

Alice in Blunderland (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
~everyone loves Alice!~

Lovingly Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info
how far will Alice go to be herself and still be loyal to her friends!*

Outrageously Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Girls Rule!
especially our Alice...

Including Alice (Alice)
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Shiloh Trilogy Paperback Boxed Set
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

Beetles Lightly Toasted
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  More Info

lush-Campbelle here in the banshee web is links with Fun and purepathways.... SilverHazel's Fantaseas: Meditation & Field Trips

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W On Newsstands Now
Issue 10.08 | Aug 2002
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Stepford Child

She speaks when spoken to, she's a teacher's pet ... heck, she's got a photographic memory. Chips and cams and computer programs - that's what Cindy Smart is made of.

By Sonia Zjawinski

Even though she's just 5 years old, Cindy Smart speaks five languages. She's a good reader. She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division.

She's not a prodigy. She's just good programming.

Cindy looks like an average doll - 18½ inches of blond hair, baby-blue eyes, and a button nose. But loaded with a digital camera, microprocessor, and voice recognition software, Cindy is the first doll that can see, think, and do as she's told. That makes her both surprisingly precocious ... and a little creepy. When introduced by Toy Quest at conventions around the nation earlier this year, the doll spooked viewers as she read and counted out loud. "It was just startling," says Karla' Busche, a toy industry veteran. "If the Stepford Wives had babies, this is what they would be like." Busche, a buyer for the Home Shopping Network, signed up to sell 500 dolls on HSN this July, in advance of her debut on store shelves this fall with a $100 price tag.

Photo by Jamie ~nnes Chiang
Photo by James Chiang
"Sell Mattel @ $20..."
The eagle-eyed Cindy follows in the path of other breakthrough toys like Chatty Cathy, whose pull-string statements shook up the doll market 40 years ago, or Sony's barking Aibo robot, which was the first to popularize voice command in the late '90s. Cindy takes Aibo's innovations one step beyond: She not only follows instructions but intuits shapes, colors, and words — and remembers. The effect is a doll that appears to be learning.

An apparently good link to other Stepford Files...

heres some fun links to some of our other sites...

link to good search engines and...Nancy Drew mmod? see for yourself... wanda and Diane looked Art Ruby and her sister Lily...smoking...a drink? Thanks Libbie...vitaCee

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