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Enter subhead content here...este 13 lunara calendar a witchy benevolent value para todos de nuestras interesantes en World Pais Peace Pax Paz y Plaisures...the Tortuga de World Peace InterGalactic Action and fun juegas de Strawberry Princesses... the Dunesberry Society de Stepford Vegas y Covenant de Iris d'arco=neans...Isis et su sisters soiress

Today: 9-13-2005
ScorpionMoon  Mes de 2 day 22. Red Planetary Skywalker
Week: 8 Codon 50, Transformation of Time
Telepathy Transforms

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You have entered galactic realm of:


Letter of Convocation for all kins going to Chamado do Beija Flor
This is a very special calling for all kins that go or think to go to Chamado do Beija Flor.

The meeting will take place in the bioregion of Sítio Flor de Ouro, ecovillage project developed in Vale do Moinho, in the municipality of Alto Paraíso, Estate of Goias - Chapada dos Veadeiros, in the central area of Brazil.

The meeting will happen during the 13 days of the Earth Wavespell - September 17th to 29th, 2005, where we will have the opportunity of celebrating together the Spring Equinox on September 22 (Yellow Galactic Seed).

About the location - Chapada dos Veadeiros
Chapada dos Veadeiros is considered one of the oldest geological formations of the world, being evaluated more than 1,6 billion years the beginning of its constitution. The encounter of two tectonic plates produced, when they melted, several metals and ores, with abundance of quartz crystals. The area possesses the largest crystal plate of the Planet, and it is the brightest place of the planet when seen from out of the Earth.

Dynamics of the Meeting
Timeless Peace Village at the Hummingbird
13 day Temporal Design
Earth Forum - 1st to 6th day
Day of the Magic Dream - 7th day
Planetary Culture Festival - 8th to 13rd day

:: For more information CLICK HERE ::

the tortuga intergalactic calendar noticeas y'etre otra especiales de la moon13 turtle d' Monda!

Terry Tortugal's funlink!::*/*/<><>\*\*juegas piagina

*Time is not money*, but rather the vehicle for our creative experience,
the understanding "*Time is Art*" is extended to all global citizens as
the basis for our Sovereignty in Time.

Below is a Perpetual 13 Moon(Month) - 28 Day Calendar for all to share:

Terry Tortuga : Calendar Info for Kids

Grande venti pic de 13munalalunacalendira
Houses of the Hollywells contains useful Charmed&Magickal links to...

Find your path with the new Moon in Virgo!

On September 3, the new Moon -- that monthly lunar rebirth -- takes place in hardworking Virgo. After four weeks in passionate, self-oriented Leo, the Sun has already started tossing us all some of Virgo's trademark meticulousness and focus on the outer world. Now, as the Moon joins the Sun in Virgo, you can expect an extra burst of initiative. Better yet, the go-getter energy will be going strong for about three days, making this weekend the ideal time to move full steam ahead toward all your goals.
Whether you're job hunting or starting a new professional project, this planetary event is like a cosmic career counselor -- try your free sample Career Path Reading.
The new Moon, which marks the first days of the lunar cycle, is always a time of new beginnings. But with that fresh energy in a sign best known for its diligence, you'll be more eager than ever to turn your attention to any unfinished projects or budding brainchildren. And while less touted than its perfectionism, Virgo's role as the health nut of the zodiac is equally important to keep in mind. The powerful days around this new Moon are tailor-made for starting a new health and fitness regime or committing yourself to learning more about your favorite sport.
What will your pet project be for this new Moon? Step onto the right path with a free sample Life Path Reading.
Whether you decide to finally pursue your dream job, sign up for a spur-of-the-moment tennis lesson or lend your keen eye to a friend's home renovation project, take this weekend's energy and run with it!
The new Moon in Virgo's all about efficiency. Enjoy a free, full-length Career Path Reading when you order a Life Path Reading through this email.
Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

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